VMG is reimagining modern signage. We provide innovative solutions to today’s constantly changing billboard laws, regulations and technology. We work with local law makers and administrators to promote the Industry, without forgetting the concerns and sensitivities of local communities.

VMG takes a clever and nuanced approach to develop and promote environmentally appropriate urban, high impact advertising displays.

Billboards complement the best of our city. Properly developed and operated outdoor advertising signs constitute a crucial component of local commerce, increase property values and help promote a vibrant, healthy community.

VMG was founded in 1999, and Los Angeles has always been our market. Facts matter, we know the terrain.

Office Address

1700 South Wall Street,
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Service Area

Southern California


keith@vmg.media (President CEO)
brian@vmg.media (VP Real Estate)

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We can be reached via phone, through this contact form.